The Perfect DJ

Believe it or not, there is a perfect DJ for every event and client.   If a client is only looking for a person to play a set playlist and has no experience in interacting or handling an event can use an media player, get a fairly inexperienced DJ or that friend/relative who has a really great music collection for no or low cost.

The other side and the approach we take at Simply Events is there is a perfect client for every DJ.  Just the way the clients interview their DJ,  we  want know our client and establish a meaningful connection.   Both parties must feel the other understands what is expected.  From our nearly 20 years of experience,  we do not have that connection for about 15% of the inquiries received.  We kindly offer them references to other DJ’s or recommend to continue searching for someone who better suits their needs.   After all valid arguments are exhausted including the costs of a DJ discussed in “Why does the DJ cost so much?”, most of these turned down events are because the client is stuck on a price offered at their previous event or by some other DJ.

For the 85% that we do connect with, the pricing is not an issue and it comes along with us being able to use our professional judgment to ensure the event goes smoother; which all leads to a satisfied client, more referrals and great memories.  Bottom line: Establish a connection.

Jay Patel

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