40th Birthday Blast

Kicking off the big 4 – 0, with a White-Out party.  The event was hosted by a beautiful family, with guests all dressed elegantly in white,  at a lake front house in Dallas, TX.  Pictures are courtesy of SusrataC Photography.

The weather was just right to enjoy the sunset from the patio overlooking the pool and lake.    Also, Blue Mesa Grill catered a nice selection of Tex-Mex.

White Out 40th Patio Lake LewisvilleSCP_5808 Resized

As the night progressed,  guests were invited inside to start off the festivities

Simply Events Dallas - Event Log May 2014

It is not a birthday until there is some cake, speeches/poetry, and show-stopping comedy skit.

Simply Events Dallas - Event Log May 2014

Simply Events Dallas - Event Log May 2014Simply Events Dallas - Event Log May 2014

With Simply Events Dallas,  everyone got their dancing shoes on

SCP_5774 Resized

and danced the night away.

Simply Events Dance May 2014 - 2

The guest of honor really like the Simply Swag, custom made T-Shirts for the special occasion.

Simply Blasted

Simply Events Dallas


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